Ganga River Pollution Crisis: Illegal Colonies Threaten Sacred Waters


Ganga River Pollution Crisis: Residents residing in unauthorized colonies situated on government land along the banks of the sacred Ganga River in Haridwar are significantly contributing to the pollution of the river. This concerning issue arises from the direct disposal of domestic and human waste into the Ganga. Furthermore, nearby dairy farms are also guilty of disposing of animal waste into the river, exacerbating the pollution problem. Adding to the plight, open defecation is prevalent in these areas, specifically in Kanakhal, Haridwar, and Jawalapur.

Illegally established on government land owned by the irrigation department, there exist five major slums along the Ganga River. Despite the government’s efforts to address this problem by installing sewage lines in certain areas of these settlements, numerous households continue to release both human and domestic waste into the river. RM Dobhal, a concerned local resident, expressed his frustrations, stating, “While the government allocates a significant budget towards the cleaning of the Ganga, there are still several drains discharging waste into the river, and many residents continue to dispose of waste into it. The authorities are well aware of this situation, yet no effective action has been taken due to political considerations and appeasement.”

Dayanand Sarswati, the Commissioner of Haridwar Municipal Corporation, acknowledged the issue and stated, “We conduct regular door-to-door waste collection to tackle domestic waste, and we frequently carry out inspections to identify drains that are polluting the river. Those found guilty of dumping waste into the river are penalized accordingly.”

It is crucial to address and rectify this distressing situation to preserve the purity and sanctity of the Ganga River. Effective measures need to be implemented, including strict enforcement of waste management practices, awareness campaigns, and community involvement, to ensure the long-term conservation of this vital water resource.


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