Delhi Tourists for Washing Mahindra Thar in Ganga River


Washing Mahindra Thar in Ganga River:  The Uttarakhand Police recently issued a challan to six Delhi tourists for washing their Mahindra Thar in the holy Ganga River in Haridwar. The police acted promptly upon receiving information about the SUV being parked in the middle of the river while the youngsters washed the car and took selfies. The incident occurred in the Neel Dhara region.


The police, under Operation Maryada, arrived at the scene, issued challans to the offenders, and seized the SUV. This operation, implemented since July 2021, aims to maintain discipline and take strict action against tourists engaging in hooliganism at religious sites. It is crucial for SUV owners to exercise responsible behavior to avoid negative impacts on the environment and wildlife.


While the Thar 4×4 is designed for off-roading, tourists must prioritize the sanctity and decorum of hill stations and religious destinations, ensuring the preservation of the environment and their own well-being.


15-Year-Old Umasri Pujyam Leads Campaign to Save River Godavari from Pollution

Tragic Bus Accident Near Kaudiyala

A tragic incident occurred near Kaudiyala in Tehri Garhwal district, Uttarakhand, where a bus carrying 27 Char Dham pilgrims overturned, resulting in injuries. Among the injured passengers, a 32-year-old woman from Ahmedabad unfortunately passed away at AIIMS Rishikesh. The bus was en route from Kedarnath to Rishikesh when the accident happened, with all the passengers being pilgrims.

The police suspect that the bus driver, who is currently missing, was driving at high speed on the Rishikesh-Kedarnath highway, causing the accident at a turn. The only casualty reported was the aforementioned woman, while the remaining passengers suffered minor injuries. The body of the deceased was airlifted to Ahmedabad after the postmortem examination, and further investigation is underway to determine the whereabouts of the driver.



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