DEHRADUN: Uttarakhand STF Arrests Alleged Drug Trafficker with 207gm Smack Worth Rs 20 Lakh


In a significant development, the Uttarakhand Special Task Force (STF) apprehended a suspected drug trafficker in Dehradun’s Raiwala area on Saturday evening. The individual, identified as Kapil Dev Dhyani, was found in possession of 207 grams of smack with an estimated street value of Rs 20 lakh. Dhyani, along with his father-in-law, Anand Kumar, a resident of Bijnor, was involved in the illicit trade. The drugs were sourced from a supplier named Touseef Khan in Bareilly.

Providing details of the operation, Chandramohan Singh, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) from the STF, revealed that Dhyani had previously been granted bail in a drug trafficking case filed at the Raipur police station in Dehradun. A joint team comprising STF and local police personnel successfully apprehended him.

Singh further explained that the police received information about Dhyani planning to host a party at his residence to celebrate his wedding anniversary, during which he intended to distribute the seized smack to his guests. Acting swiftly on this intelligence, law enforcement officers conducted a raid at his house, where they discovered the 207-gram stash. However, Dhyani’s father-in-law managed to escape upon learning about the arrest. Authorities are currently making efforts to apprehend him as well.

The arrest marks a significant achievement in the fight against drug trafficking in Uttarakhand, highlighting the effectiveness of collaborative efforts between the STF and local law enforcement agencies. The seizure of such a substantial quantity of smack demonstrates the commitment to dismantling drug networks and protecting the community from the devastating effects of narcotics.

As the investigation continues, authorities remain dedicated to curbing the drug trade in the region, apprehending all individuals involved, and ensuring a safer and drug-free environment for the residents of Uttarakhand.

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